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John Abendroth
John Abendroth is a native San Franciscan, former PGA-Tour player, PGA Member, and a graduate of Weber State University, class of '74. As a co-founder of Celtic Golf Management in San Francisco, John is the director of golf operations for the company which owns Franklin Canyon Golf Course and owns and operates the Plumas Pines Golf Resort. John is co-host of Hooked on Golf, along with Mitch Juricich, since 1994 (KNBR-680 am and

Article of John Abendroth
2017 Drive, Chip and Putt Championship at the Olympic Club, September 2016

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Paul Brekke-Miesner
Director of Sales
Paul Brekke-Miesner is the author of Home Field Advantage: The City That Changed the Face of Sports. Brekke-Miesner was born and raised in Oakland and covered high school and junior college sports as a stringer for the Oakland Tribune and Berkeley Gazette. He holds degrees from California State University, Northridge, and Lone Moutain College. Home Field Advantage is the culmination of thrity years of research and interviews and has received excellent reviews, requiring numerous reprintings.

Articles of Paul Brekke-Miesner
Warriors Record Run Adds To Oaktown's Pedigree, May 2016
Oakland: The City That Changed The Face Of Sports, April 2015

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David Bush
Retired San Francisco Chronicle sports writer David Bush covered spring training for 20-plus years and it was his favorite time of year. His suggestion that spring training last six months, followed by a six-week regular season, was only partially in jest. In this essay he recalls a venerable spring training water hole, the Pink Pony.

Article of David Bush
Tales From Spring Training And The Pink Pony, February 2016

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Nick Curran
SNick Curran was the NBA's director of public relations from 1969 to 1976. After his NBA years, Nick and his wife, Eileen, spent 47 years combined, partnering as vice presidents/financial advisers at Morgan Stanley and its predecessor firm, Dean Witter Reynolds, in Santa Barbara. They retired in 2012 and are the proud grandparents of Edison James Curran.

Articles of Nick Curran
Remembering Bob Wolff, July 2017
When the NBA Draft was a Phone Call, July 2017
A Personal Tribute to Monte Irvin and Jackie Robinson, January 2016
Remembering the Los Angeles Lakers' 33-Game Win Streak, December 2015
What the NBA Draft Was Like 40 Years Ago, July 2015
Sign of the Times: 2015 vs. 1975, June 2015
Sy Berger, NBA's Trading Card Maven, January 2015
Profile of a Class Act: J. Walter Kennedy, November 2014

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Andy Dolich
Andy Dolich, President, Dolich Consulting -- Dolich has held executive positions in the NFL (San Francisco 49ers), NBA (Memphis Grizzlies, Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers), MLB (Oakland A's), NHL (Washington Capitals) Pro Soccer and Lacrosse. He is the Entrepreneur in Residence at Menlo College and teaches sports business at Stanford's School of Continuing Studies.

Articles of Andy Dolich
Sports Not Immune to Life's Obstacles, October 2017
I Got Your Apple Watch Right Here, September 2017
Streaking, September 2017
The A's to Z of a New Ballpark, September 2017
Daily Civility in Sports and Life, August 2017
Case, Place, Ace, Face, Base, Baseball, July 2017
NFL's Hail Mary in the Holy Land, July 2017
Who Has It Better Than Us? June 2017
Andy's Antithesis, Pop Culture Showdown, June 2017
City of Lights, May 2017
Purchase Price of Bay Area Pro Teams, May 2017
An Open Letter to Raiders Fans, April 2017
Food For Thought, April 2017
"You're Fired!", January 2017
17 Stories to Follow in 2017, January 2017
16 Biggest Sports Prevarications of 2016, January 2017
The Tarp Twins, December 2016
One Warm Shirt, September 2016
Tick Off at Kickoff, Part II, September 2016
Tick Off at Kickoff, Part I, September 2016
A Primer for Finding a Sports Career Job, September 2016
BillyBall or Beaneball? August 2016
$4 Billion Dollar Tap Out, August 2016
The Tim Duncan and Nate Thurmond Way: Teamwork, July 2016
All That Jazz, May 2016
Beaking Bad, May 2016
Taking the Tired Out of Baseball, April 2016
There Used to be a Park, April 2016
Ten Commandments of the Driving Range, April 2016
Ode to March Madness, March 2016
It Happens Every Spring, March 2016
The Silver and Black are back ... and a Stadium Primer, February 2016
Too Many Tools? Janbuary 2016
Hoops Hades, January 2016
'Twas The Night Before Xmas..., December 2015
Reprising Jim Harbaugh's Success, November 2015
Sturgeon General's Report, September 2015
Skyboxification of Sports, September 2015
Defunct Franchise / Bay Area Sports Teams, September 2015
One "L" of a Super Bowl for Santa Clara, August 2015
Introducing the National Avatar League, August 2015
Time for the Return of the Multi-Use Sports Stadium?, August 2015
Women's Professional Soccer, August 2015
Sharks' Teeth Soon Could Be Sharper Than Ever, July 2015
Enough Already, July 2015
Bike Gear, June 2015
Triple Crowns on Two and Four Legs, June 2015
Looking Down, Not Up, June 2015
In Search of the Perfect Golf Swing, June 2015
Tough As Nails, May 2015
The Thrill Is Gone, May 2015
Virtuality is Reality, May 2015
Pick Me A Winner, May 2015
Statuesque, May, 2015
Remembering Lon Simmons, Andy Dolich with Gil Gross of TALK 910 AM, April 2015
Play Misty for Me, April 2015
Safest Job In Sports, March 2015
Chicken Little Is Loose!
Unparalleled Appreciation -- Bluefin Tuna Primer, January 2015
Jim Harbaugh's Lateral Habenula, January 2014
L.A. Story, December 2014

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Pete Elman
Pete Elman worked as a sportswriter for the Contra Costa Times/Oakland Tribune from 2000 to 2011. In 1991 he came up with the iconic moniker RUN TMC for the Golden State Warriors of the early 1990s. He is a lifetime musician and record producer and currently teaching several classes on popular music through the OLLI program at Cal, Sonoma State and Dominican College. Elman is also the author of an acclaimed children's picture book with music, entitled Seasons, Rhymes in Time.

Articles of Pete Elman
Hoops, Heroes and Villans, March 2017
The Nullifier, March 2016
There Is No "I" In Team, February 2016
New Year's Revelations, January 2016
Just Win, Baby -- With Class, January 2016
Golden State Warriors Scoreboard, October 2015
The Fall Colors of Green and Gold, October 2015
Wait Until Next Year ... Again, August 2015
The Fat Lady Is Doing Scales ... Offstage, July 2015
July 4, 2015: A Day To Reflect ... And Chill Out, July 2015
The Father, The Son, And The Holy Ghost, March 2015
Across The Water, But Not Out Of Our Hearts, January 2015
Closure For A Raiders Fan, December 2014
Rocket -- Or Flawed Star? November 2014
Aftermath Of A Tragedy; The Test Begins, October 2014
Losing By The Book: An Epitaph? Setpember 2014

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Leland Faust
Leland Faust is an honors graduate from UC Berkeley (economics) and Harvard Law School. He was the founder of CSI Capital Management, where he served as chief investment officer from 1978 through 2011. Faust has represented hundreds of pro athletes over his career and Barron's has named him four times to its annual list of the top 100 independent investment advisers in the country. He has also been named to the Sporting News' list of the 100 most powerful people in sports, one of only two investment advisers ever to be included in that roster. Faust is also the author of the recently released book: A Capitalist's Lament: How Wall Street Is Fleecing You and Ruining America

Articles of Richard Lupoff
How To Speed Up Play In Baseball, July 2017
Mega Agent, March 2015

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Daniel Geary
Daniel Geary is an exuberant 49ers fan.

Articles of Daniel Geary
Aerial Autograph: Catching A Kaepernick Bomb, February 2017
In The Zone, October 2014
Summertime and Baseball, June 2014

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Dan Lindheim
Dan Lindheim is a professor at the UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy. He was Oakland City Administrator from 2008-2011.

Article of Dan Lindheim
Great Game One, April 2017

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Richard Lupoff
Richard Lupoff has written two dozen novels and more than 40 short stories and is also a contributor to the Ultimate Sports Guide. Lupoff's latest book is Where Memory Hides: A Writer's Life, published by Bold Venture Press.

Articles of Richard Lupoff
Sundays With Kathy, October 2017
I Coulda Had A Three Pointer, February 2017
Every Fan's Dream, January 2017
Nine Innings, Count 'em, Nine!, March 2016
On My Mind, July 2015
Club Fighter, June 2015
Meanest Baseball Stunt Ever, May 2015
Raiders On A Roller Coaster? December 2014
In A Zone, November 2014
By The Column Inch, March 2014

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Dave Newhouse
Dave Newhouse's journalism career spans more than half a century, including 45 years at the Oakland Tribune before his retirement in November of 2011. His twelfth book, co-authored with Eddie Hart, hit book stores in August: Disqualified: Eddie Hart, Munich 1972, and the Voices of the Most Tragic Olympics. Dave grew up in Menlo Park, graduated from San Jose State, and has radio and television experience in addition to his work as an award-winning sportswriter and columnist.

Articles of Dave Newhouse
Disqualified: Eddie Hart, Munich 1972, and the Voices of the Most Tragic Olympics, August 2017
Marshawn Lynch's Best Mode, May 2017
Special Pitcher / Special Man, March 2017
Book Review: Shop Around: Growing Up With Motown in a Sinatra Household, by Bruce Jenkins, July 2016
Dare to Dream: How James Madison University Became Co-ed and Shocked the Basleball World, May 2016
Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame Dinner, March 2016
A Farewell to Francesco's Restauant, March 2016
Not My Favorite Player, January 2016
Last Bah Humbug for 2015, January 2016
A Tribute to Scotty Stirling, November 2015
Lou Campanelli: A Principled Force, November 2015
A Tribute to Oakland Tribune Reporter Jack Menges, October 2015
A Tribute to Game-Changing Journalist George Ross, October 2015
Oakland Warriors Forever, August 2015
Remembering Kenny Stabler, July 2015
Rozelle, A Biography, May 2015
A Fond Farewell to Lon Simmons, April 2015
Lefty O'Doul's Persuasive Charm Persists,
Whitney Reed: He Mastered Life AND Tennis, March 2015
Save Oakland Sports is Eager to Help, March 2015
Six Months to Fix a Career Divot (Brian Willaims), February 2015
Pete Carroll Now a Baseball Fan, February 2015
Berkeley Repetory Theater Delivers a Hit, February 2015
A 49ers History Lesson, January 2015
Great Fans, Ideal Location ... Gem Me Outta Here!, January 2015

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Jonathan Siegel
Jonathan Siegel represents individual employees and unions at Siegel LeWitter Malkani in downtown Oakland, where he hopes someday to be able to walk to a new A's ballpark.

Articles of Jonathan Siegel
A's At The Crossroads, September 2017
Whither the 2015 Oakland A's? July 2015

Shelia Young
Shelia Young, the Golf contributor for the Ultimate Sports Guide, was previously affiliated with the Oakland Chamber, the Airport Area Business Association, the San Leandro Chamber, President TLWGC, Mayor Emeritus of San Leandro, et al., and all-round lover of fun times.

Articles of Shelia Young
Cecy Silva, Tony Lema Womens' Golf Club, October, 2017
Is It Golf Or Is It Soccer?