Raiders Super Fan Andrea Sedano -- Dre of the Dead


My hometown is San Diego but my team is the Oakland Raiders.

I'm 20-years-old and have been reppin my Raiders since I was in the womb. Mom and Pops have been Raiders fans since the team was in Los Angeles.

I became interested in being a Super Fan when I was 14-years-old and saw what they represented, serving different communities and giving back. Whether it was a blood drive, toy drive or children with cancer, I wanted to be part of that family.

I loved the way Metal Cindy looked. I told Mom that's what I wanted to be like and so after Cindy and (Gorilla) Rilla gave me their blessings, I became Dre of the Dead. I enjoy the energy and, of course, the attention. I have met so many wonderful people on my journey, that's why I call them my Raider family.

Being one of the youngest fans, I enjoy it when the parents tell me how much their children love me and how I am a role model to them. That's a great feeling. Dad was president of the Bakersfield Raider Nation until we moved to Visalia. Mom does my makeup, which takes about two hours, so it usually takes about two and a half hours total, to make sure my tutu is fluffy and my jacket is showing off all my cool autographs, mostly from Raiders legends like Tom Flores, Jim Otto and many more.

Andrea Sedano is among a number of Oakland Raiders super fans who add excitement and delight to attending Raiders games. Photos by Ed Jay.