Jerry Warren -- RaiderJerry


RaiderJerry is among a number of Oakland Raiders fans who add excitement and delight to attending Raiders games.

It all started back in the 1970s. As a young boy I played on a Town League football team called the Pleasanton Raiders. Since I played on the Raiders, I wanted to be an Oakland Raider when I grew up.

After Town League I played high school football for the Foothill Falcons in Pleasanton. I was a wide receiver and on special teams and some of our coaches knew some of the Oakland Raiders players. The second year of high school some of the Raiders came out and coach us. Gene Upshaw lived a quarter mile down Foothill Road and he would bring his teammates with him. After high school I was asked to play for a semi-pro football, the San Jose Tigers. I felt that was the best way to be seen by a pro team since I was not able to go to college.

I was not as good at playing football as I thought. I decided to join the U.S. Army and after serving 10 years I decided to get out and go back home with my wife, whom I met in Germany. (We were married for 32 years but she passed away from cancer on January 9, 2012. RIP Maggie.)

When the Raiders came back from Los Angeles I was able to buy the PSL and got my season tickets and have been a Season Ticket Holder ever since. As I was going to the games wearing a Raider shirt and hat, I felt like that was not enough. I started to paint my face and after a couple of years, Raider Jerry became my name.

I have always been a Raiders fan, no matter where they have been, no matter where I have been. As it is said "Win, Lose, or Tie Raiders, until I die."

I have believed this from the early 70s when the Raiders were in Oakland, when they moved to Los Angeles, and of course when they came back to Oakland. In the years of being Raider Jerry I have gotten to know some of the Oakland Raiders, past and present.

Being part of a hosting tailgate, the Bad Boyz Of BBQ, I have spent time with Raider families and Raider Legends like John Vella, Cliff Branch, Bruce Wilkerson, Skip Thomas, Mario Henderson and Kenny "The Snake" Stabler. The list goes on and on.

As part of a hosting tailgate we invite all types of fans. We have had Boltman Sgt. Colt, Bear Man, Barrel Man (RIP) and many other Ultimate Fans at our tailgate. I support our team no matter what. I have NEVER booed my team.

In 2011 I was honored by being inducted into Pro Football's Ultimate Fan Association at the NFL Hall Of Fame in Canton Ohio. To me this was a Great Honor.

I am involved in many charities. I help raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Stanislaus, I travel to Los Angeles, Oakland, Fresno and other places to raise money and I also started a charity called Characters Supporting Charities. I have taken my part of Characters Supporting Charities (West Coast) and with the help of Lisa, my fiancé, we have raised money for the Boys and Girls Club, giving 200 backpacks to the J. Babe Center in Canton, Ohio, with school supplies and many other things.

I volunteer over 100 hours a month to help guide 120 members from first to fifth grade. It has been so rewarding seeing these kids grow and prepare for their future. Lisa and I have dedicated our lives to helping guide them. Most are members in the section 8 program with the state of California. Sometimes it is very trying but in the end, it has been rewarding

We also bring Raider Legends to Ricky's Sports Theatre & Grill in San Leandro to reconnect with the fans. It has been a lot of fun seeing the guys I watch and gotten to know in the past years.

So who is RaiderJerry? RaiderJerry is a guy who loves his Raiders, loves life, loves having lots of fun, loves working and raising money for a great cause.