John Silva -- El Cucuy


El Cucuy is among a number of Oakland Raiders fans who add excitement and delight to attending Raiders games.

I was born in San Jose and growing up as a kid, I didn't have a favorite football team. My dad was/is a New England Patriots fan so naturally every team not named the Patriots was my favorite team.

While celebrating a much earlier birthday, the Oakland Raiders went into the fourth quarter with a 13-3 lead over the New England Patriots. What could be a better birthday gift than seeing the one team you don't like having their season end at home, while watching another team celebrate that they are going to the Super Bowl? The celebration was going strong. Woodson hit Brady, Brady fumbled the ball, Biekert recovered the ball, game over. Raiders win. Time to start celebrating. Wait. Slow down just a minute. Why are the refs taking so long?

That was the Tuck Rule Game and the day I became a fan of the Oakland Raiders.

In 2012 I started dressing up as El Cucuy (Mexican Boogeyman) and my first event was for a San Jose SaberCats game and included the Raider Drive Booster Club. In 2014 my face went from three-quarters painted to fully painted.

The start of my day for a home game is getting up at 3:30 a.m. to shave my head. The next step is driving 30 minutes to my aunt's house so she can paint my face. The amount of time sitting in the chair can go from two to three hours. Once we are finished I take the hour and a half drive to Oakland. I do this all for the love and wouldn't want to do it any differently.

Away from Raider fan events, my life is not as exciting as one would expect. I think the biggest surprise is when I meet new people and they learn I only drink water. I once weighed 338 pounds and couldn't lose any weight until I quit drinking soda. Keeping active to make sure I never go back to being 338 pounds again is a big part of my life, along with work.

For the last eight years I've worked at Costco. Away from work I sell collectors toys and electronics on eBay as a Top Rated Plus Power seller. The newest thing in my life is I recently got into a relationship after being single for the last two years. Neither of us drinks or has tattoos but we both love the Raiders.