Jon Adair Chochon -- Rhinestone Raider


Jon Adair Chochon is among a number of Oakland Raiders Super Fans who add excitement and delight to attending Raiders games.

I'm a Raider "fan"atic; one of the Raider Nation's most decorated fans.

Growing up in California, I was exposed to many sports but my true love was football. As a young girl I listened to my mother as she watched football, screaming at her favorite players: Stabler, Otto, Vella and Hendricks. Sometimes I'd even heard her yelling at Tom Flores. Who knew he'd become one of my favorites?

Twelve years ago, living just outside of Oakland, I focused all of my attention on the Oakland Raiders. Getting ready to attend a home game, a friend encouraged me to dress up for the Raiders. It just took one great game/day of football in costume, cheering on the Raiders, and that was it!

Favoring boots and hats, my instincts kicked in to create a costume that would proudly promote my Raiders. I began to develop my own unique look. As I began decorating my costume in sparkling rhinestones, my game day attire quickly earned me the fan name of Rhinestone Raider. (Many now simply call me Rhinestone.)

A job relocation required me to leave the Bay Area. However, my passion and commitment to the Raiders has never faltered. I have traveled to many stadiums and had the pleasure of meeting with many different Raider clubs. In addition, I've been lucky to attend booster parties, autograph signings and charitable events across the country. I've met with so many wonderful, fun people dedicated to cheering on the team and promoting a united, strong Raider Nation. The excitement generated at these gatherings is contagious and rejuvenating!

When I'm not able to travel, my Silver and Black basement becomes my Raider support system. My husband, son, daughters and I Get Our Raider On and root, yell, and #^%!# at the television, as if we were in the stands. Although nothing is quite like being there, I appreciate that they love me enough to allow me my Raider fix. Our basement is decked out with Raider memorabilia that has been collected over the years. The basement wouldn't be complete without a Raider guest room, with a full Raider locker room or closet, containing nothing but Silver and Black.

When I travel to a game, I'm so excited to be reunited with my Raider family and friends. Being able to joyfully embrace new raider fans and share my Raider passion is what I always look forward to! It's also exciting to meet new fans.

I'm always amazed and flattered when they ask if I can pose with them for pictures or they tell me I was seen on TV or comment that I'm on their Facebook! What a compliment it is to be part of the action that represents Raider Nation. I also enjoy meeting fans of the opposing teams. It is inspiring to reach across the boundaries of teams, into the lives of strangers with shared passions.

My loyalty to the Raiders is not limited to game days. Throughout the year I participate and support many charitable causes such as children with cancer, homeless shelters, youth groups, gifts for foster children and some of the Legends fundraisers. I encourage each of you to get involved and help support those in need in our communities.

I believe Raider Nation has the most loyal fans in the NFL. I'm so proud to be a part of the Raider Family.