Lori Pinky Raiders Nation


Lori Pinky Raiders Nation is among a number of Oakland Raiders fans who add excitement and delight to attending Raiders games.

Hi. My name is Lori "Pinky" Raider Nation. Most friends and fans know me as Lori Raider Nation or simply Pinky.

I began using Lori Raider Nation in 2009 when I opened my Facebook account and joined dozens of Raiders groups and blogs.

When I would see members of these Raiders groups at the games, they would refer to me as "Lori Raider Nation" and I loved it! It was in October, 2010 when I wore pink hair extensions to promote Breast Cancer Awareness at the games and a friend called me Pinky. It stuck and then everyone began referring to me as Pinky. I love both names as they have significant meanings for me.

I don't know when I first became a Raiders fan. I guess you could just say I was born into it. My father used to attend Raiders games in Oakland before I was even born and I grew up with three brothers who loved the Raiders, so we were a Raiders family.

I didn't realize how much it meant for the Raiders to be in Oakland until I moved to Oakland in 1990 and the Raiders returned home in 1995. It was the greatest celebration that city has ever seen. Finally I got to watch a Raiders game live! And I continued to do so, nearly every home game since their return. That's why, if the Raiders leave Oakland again, it will be heartbreaking for many Bay Area fans.

In December of 2010 I was contacted by a Raiders fan who was friends with a former Raiderette who advised him of a case that she was working on and the details of a terrible tragedy that happened to a thirteen-year-old girl and her two-year-old brother.

I immediately jumped into action and started a fundraiser at our tailgates: The Raider Raza and Grill Iron Gang. We collected money, Raiders merchandise, and one fan even donated his son's Raiders jacket for the little boy. I am still close friends with the family and they are always talking about how appreciative they are that all those Raiders fans cared enough about them to donate meaningful items.

Since then I have done over forty fundraisers with the San Jose Raider Drive booster club and the Fresno Knights of the Shield booster club, as well as countless others through promoting and booking players, Raiderettes, and Super Fans.

The charities were either for local families or homeless shelters and foster youth programs or breast cancer foundations, and primarily the March of Dimes, in memory of my daughter, Mia Faith. I've been working with charities since I was twenty years old and I love that I have been able to incorporate my passion for others and include the Raiders and their fans.

Through all of my networking and fundraising, I have been blessed to meet amazing players but the best ever was spending time with Carol Davis, in her suite with Al.

My life as Lori Pinky Raider Nation is a dream-come-true and when I reflect on how many beautiful friends I have met through all of these experiences -- whom I now call family -- I am humbled and grateful. I wouldn't give up my life as a Raider fan for anything. I am a Raider 'til I die...