Steve Bigbee -- Steve Raider Bigbee


Steve Raider Bigbee, shown above with his son, Gerald, is among a number of Oakland Raiders fans who add excitement and delight to attending Raiders games.

"I'm a Raider fan because I love what the team represents: a Commitment to Excellence. It's how I live my life and my charity work for those in need.

I am a Raider fan because of what the fan base represents: family. We are family-based with a passion for the Raiders organization and also for helping local and worldwide communities.

By passing this passion on to our young children I believe we can change our world. By working as a team and by working together as Family, One Family, One Love, One Nation, the Raider Nation!"

Who is Raider Bigbee?

Steve Bigbee was born in Los Angeles and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1970s. During this time, his father was a die-hard San Francisco 49ers fan and Steve became a Raiders fan due to his belief in the team's motto: Commitment to Excellence. Bigbee promised he would live his life by this motto.

Bigbee stayed in jobs that allowed him to perform customer service and serve people with a commitment to excellence. These jobs consisted of fast food establishments, hospitals, security and even as a probation officer. In 2001, while working at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford in security, Bigbee made a promise that when he started to do better in his life he would give back to a charity of his choice as a Raiders fan. In 2009-10 that day came as he was informed that a child staying at the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford (RMHS) was a die-hard Raiders fan. The upcoming weekend Bigbee was invited to attend a local golf tournament which was hosted by former Oakland Raiders tight end Jeremy Brigham. During the event, Bigbee had several players, movie stars and others attending sign the ball which would later be presented to the child.

Bigbee returned to the Ronald McDonald House and presented the child, Amirah, the signed football. Amirah thanked him and tugged on his pants, asking, "Raiderbee, when are the Raiders coming!"

This is how Steve "Raiderbee" Bigbee was created. It was on this day Raiderbee decided to uphold his promise and start helping the children of RMHS as his charity.

Over the next several years Raiderbee's volunteerism extended to creating events for the children at Ronald McDonald House and providing public awareness about the House at outside events. Amirah's spirit provided the inspiration to Raiderbee to continue his dream of sponsoring a foundation, Silver n' Black Helping Hands, to help those in need of loving, community support.

Raiderbee is a humanitarian who loves helping others when they're in need. If he has to give up a couple of hours of sleep to help out, then so be it. If it soothes their soul, it soothes his soul. If one person helps another person, just imagine the impact on the world it would be.

"I don't know the families at the House personally but I'm here to put a smile on their faces, to have them forget what they are going through and let them enjoy life. Even if it's just for that one day or night so they can enjoy life, then it makes my job complete. The only way to make a difference in today's world is if people help out. What got me to be a Raiders fan was their motto: Commitment to Excellence. That's how I live my life. Everything I do, I put that little bit of excellence into it."