Veronica Jackson, a.k.a. MzFeistyRaider


Veronica Jackson, a.k.a. MzFeistyRaider, is among a number of Oakland Raiders super fans who add excitement and delight to attending Raiders games.

My name is Veronica Jackson, a.k.a. MzFeistyRaider.

I was grandpa's girl/tomboy growing up. He was a huge football fan -- unfortunately a Niner fan -- so it was always on. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Sundays, Mondays, and EVERY day of the week! (He recorded games on VHS tapes so he could watch them all week. Yes, VHS tapes.)

When I was young I hated football because I had to watch it, instead of cartoons or the Christmas parade. But I loved my gramps so much that I decided to really watch it with him one day and started rooting for teams he was going against. (Yes, I was a rebel then too).

One day we were watching a Raiders game and I saw Al Davis for the first time and he resembled my grandfather. I said excited. "Look grandpa, he looks like you! I'm going to like that team because he looks like you!"

He wasn't too thrilled, being a Niner fan. He said I was just like my father, always picking the wrong thing. We watched all games together and he'd always try to get me to switch teams, but it wouldn't work. Being born and raised in Salinas, it's 40% Raider fans and 40% Niner fans and the other 20%, random fans. Salinas isn't the nicest city to grow up in so my grandpa would never buy me Raiders gear because he said it was gang-related. (That was back when NWA came out rocking Raider gear.) Or was it really because he didn't want to spend his money on Raiders stuff? Hmmm, that's a good question.

Once I got to junior high and high school all the boys would always mess with me and try to question my knowledge about my team. "You're a girl, you don't watch football.... you just like the colors. You're not a real fan. If you're a fan, name two players."

I still remember the look on the boy's face when I came back at him naming more than two players: "Bo Jackson, Howie Long, Marcus Allen, Tim Brown, Rod Martin, Greg Townsend."

Being a female football fan I heard it all the time! I always had to prove my knowledge and it's always men that question me. I always respond with a little sass and usually school them on some knowledge. That's how I got the nickname, Feisty. Every time I'd walk into our local bar to watch a game you'd hear, "Uh oh, here comes that feisty Raider lady," and they'd warn the other guys, "Don't mess with her. She knows her football."

Going to the games through the years I've met some pretty amazing people! Many who run or support charity foundations and have helped with many different events. Gorilla Rilla, Jungle Jane, AfroDeesiac and the late, great Oaktown Pirate, being the first super fans I became good friends with them because of their good hearts, loyalty, and true friendship!

It's going on 10+ years of friendship with these folks that share the same passion for the team I love! You meet some great people who become family going to the games. A few of them have tried to get me to dress up for many years because my Halloween costumes are always so unique and creative. Although I don't dress up, many recognize me for my custom fedoras as my signature style and I started wearing the different colored contacts in order to honor Oaktown Pirate, so he could watch the games thru my eyes.