Big Shine Nieto


Big Shine Nieto is among a number of Oakland Raiders fans who make attending games such a special experience

My name is Big Shine Nieto. I've been a Raider Nation member all my life. I grew up on the Tule River Indian Reservation where I'm a proud member of the Tule River Mighty Yokuts. It is located in the Central Valley of California.

I was raised by my uncle, Phil D. Hunter Metz, who was a die-hard Niners fan and loved Bay Area sports. He was also a San Francisco Giants and Golden Stare Warriors fan.

As a Bay Area sports fan my uncle used to buy the San Francisco Chronicle and I remember always reading the Sporting Green page of the paper. Back in the late 1970s it was mostly about San Francisco teams but in the corner, below, was news about this other team, the Oakland Raiders.

I asked my uncle who they were and he said they are a rugged team full of crazies. So that sparked my interest even more so I followed them in the Sporting Green all the time. Back then we had no cable and only watched VCR tapes on TV. We listen to radio station KNBR which carried mostly the Niners and Giants, with no mention of the Raiders. Then one trip to watch the San Francisco Giants play the Atlanta Braves, when Dale Murphy was a rookie, my uncle drove past the Coliseum on the way home. From that point on I wanted to make it inside the Coliseum to watch the Raiders play.

Most of my family were either Niners, Rams Giants or Dodger fans. So being a Raider Nation member put me right where I always wanted to be ... apart from the rest. I have seen many games since those days of dreaming to go. I am a father of three boys and one girl, who I now take to Raiders games -- after a five hour drive -- and they are die-hard Raider Nation members also.

During my many years of attending games in Oakland, Los Angeles, and now back in Oakland, I have met many players, coaches and Raiders representatives, and even owner Mark Davis. My favorite Raider of all time is the great Cliff Branch, No. 21, the 3-time Super Bowl champion and Man of All Decades.

But the best part about being a member of the one and only Nation is meeting all the other die-hard Raider Nation members here in the states and around the world. I have met a lot of cool people who are family to me and mine. From my family in New York City, at Peter Dillion's Pub, the Silver & Black Empire, I have mad love for them, the people in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego areas and throughout California. But most of all to the ones that took my two sons, Lil Shine and Pudge, under their shields while they were geared up as The Rez Twins, my brothers Tooz, Violator, Afro, Señor and my main brother, Gorilla Rilla and his Queen Marilyn, I got much love for you all.

I don't want to see the Raiders move because of the sentimental value I have with the Bay Area. But if they do, I hope they stay in Cali because it will be an easier drive.

Just one more thing -- I want to give a shout out to all The Raiders in The Sky and maybe some in The Core of The Earth. But most of all to Our Brother Oaktown Pirate Raider In Paradise. We love and miss you. Cya When I Get There.